Dear Parents and P6 students,
Welcome to the new academic year in P6. We hope you had a good summer and are ready for an exciting year with lots of fun and learning.
Let us get you acquainted with our daily routine.
Folder: Each student will receive an A4 Zip folder for carrying their folders, handbooks etc. These can be used for keeping their books and other stationery. We would also like to request the students to get their own memory stick which should be labelled and kept ready.
Student Handbook: This is the main form of communication for parents and teachers. Please write any notes for our attention in the handbook and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can send us an email which we would only be able to attend to after school hours. Absence or leave messages can be left at the school office which then will be conveyed to us. We would also ask you to visit the P6 website (https://lisprimary6.edublogs.org/ This will give you an insight about what is happening in the classroom as well as give you details about dates, homework, photos, newsletters etc.
Spelling- Spelling tasks are due on Thursdays.
Home Work: Each student will receive a work pack. This will be given out on Friday and needs to be returned to school the following Thursday.
Students will receive the following for each week in their work pack:
Literacy activity related to weekly topic.
Numeracy activity related to weekly topic.
In addition to these, there will be other work and projects relating to Topic and Science etc. and they will be handed out whenever deemed necessary. Please refer to the P6 website for other details including Work Pack and Newsletters as well as spelling words.

Reading: We shall have a daily reading time. Apart from this, the students will be attending to their R.E.D. on a regular basis. We would ask for your help in ensuring that it is completed and handed for marking regularly. We shall also have news hour and any suitable articles can be shared during our class discussion.
P.E.- As always, our P.E. days are on Tuesdays and Fridays. This is an important aspect of student learning. Kindly ensure that they keep up with their regular exercise on a daily basis.
Snack and lunch: We would emphasise the importance of healthy food and ask your support to ensure that a wholesome diet is provided to the students.
Kindly ensure that the children have their masks on at all times in order to maintain a safe environment.

Secondary School Admissions: We would like to inform you that the application forms for admissions to Yr.7 in Discovery College and ESF schools should open soon till 30th September. Other schools would also be opening their admission procedures soon.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries and I can be reached at ruby@lis.edu.hk.
Thank you and I look forward to a successful year.
Kind regards,
Mrs Ruby Bhatia